Setup for Bet Angel

Here is an example setup on Bet Angel for auto attaching excel bot all day:

1. Set Bet Angel’s main refresh rate to 1 sec or lower (according to your needs)
2. Load up all the horse racing markets into Guardian: first tab “Markets” and click “Add”
3. Set Guardian to auto switch to the next market at 300 sec (you can change this according to your needs). First tab “Markets”.
4. Set Guardian to Auto-Bind Bet Angel Sheets. Second tab: “Excel”.
5. Set Guardian to Auto-Clear Bindings. Second tab: “Excel”.
6. Set Guardian to Restrict Refresh: 600 sec (before start time) and 30 sec (after start time), obviously you can change these according to your needs. “Advanced Settings” tab
7. Go to Guardian’s “Excel” tab and browse your excel file (select “All files” if you don’t see xlsm file) and click open workbook and tick ‘connect’


Here is a tutorial for excel beginners, how to create a basic trade algorithm for the bot.