Manual Trading Analyser Matrix

This is a fully automatic Manual Trading Analyser Profit/Loss Heat Map Color Scale Matrix for Betfair Horse Racing (UK and Irish) markets. It can be essential for Manual Traders! The spreadsheet automatically works in the background while you trade manually on the markets and it creates an easy to see Profit/Loss Red-Green Color Heat Map Matrix view about your manual trading results. The Matrix has more than 4000 data cells! You need to have Bet Angel Professional subscription and Excel (min. 2010) to use this bot!

(illustration. not real data!) On the picture you can see an illustration of a manual trade P/L heat map. By using this spreadsheet you can easily spot where you lose and where you win money on the long term after many trades!  So you can avoid harmful situations or increase stakes where you are strong!

You can analyse your trade by every UK and Irish course name. Different courses have different market behavior. It also has Hcap, Not Hcap, Nov, Mdn, Sell, Nursery, Stks, Hrd, Chs, Claim, Hunt, NHF, INHF, Flat, Grp, Listed categories

You can determine which course distance is the worst or the best for your trades (particularly for in-play trading).

You can also easily see the race type impact of your trades by every UK and Irish course names. Different race types have different market behavior.

It’s well known that markets are behave differently with different odds texture, you can determine which odds characteristic is the best or worst for your trades. The latest version has 1-3 Runners odds characteristic.

You can see which part of the day is better for your trades: after or before PM 6:00.

You can also easily see which day of the week is the best or the worst.

Number of runners categories

Important! You have to Greenup/Redup the whole market before it ends, otherwise it is not trading (it’s gambling) and the bot will not show you proper results!

Main Features:

  • Very easy to use!
  • Setup guardian so it will automatically attached the sheet to the markets!
  • Only UK and Irish horse racing markets are supported! No problem if you use it on other markets, but the results will go to the “Others” category.
  • You can use it on pre market or in-play too, but you have to close all trades (greenup the market) before the race ends and before the sheet jumps to the next market!
  • You don’t have to change anything on the sheet it just works automatically!
  • It will show your Profit/Loss distribution by course names and by other categories:  Hcap, Not Hcap, Nov, Mdn, Sell, Nursery, Stks, Hrd, Chs, Claim, Hunt, NHF, INHF, Flat, Grp, Listed, Runner 1-2-3 Odds characteristic categories, Different market distances, After or before 6:00 PM, Day of the week, Number of Runners.
  • It will show you how many markets you have traded, All Matched Back/Lay bets by course names.
  • You can easily spot where exactly you lose money! And you can make more profit by simply avoid them!
  • You can also spot where you are the strongest so you can increase your stake to make more money on them!
  • And of course you can setup Bet Angel’s Automation Bot too, in this case you don’t have to trade manually, the Analyser spreadsheet will work anyway.
  • VBA is not protected.
  • Free to download!

Download Version 14 for FREE here!