Data Recorder Bot

This spreadsheet bot collects data from betfair markets into the excel sheet automatically all day. It’s mainly designed for horse racing and greyhound markets. Use it to build up huge personal databases for further analysis or backtest your trading ideas and save time! You can analyse statistics to create your profitable strategies! It’s essential for serious traders!

You need to have Bet Angel Professional subscription and Excel (min. 2010) to use this bot!

Main Features:

  • Extremely easy to use and professionally made!
  • It records every data from the First 18 Runners: Actual Back/Lay Odds, Last Traded Odds and Tick, Runner Volume, 6 Queue Volume Data.
  • It also records the Event Name, Total Matched, Date, Time, Day of the week, Number of runners, Market Status(In-play or Pre-Market), Countdown.
  • It has 40 custom data places, so you can record your personal calculations or BSP, Projected SP, more horses or anything extra you need.
  • You can also rearrange all runner’s data if you don’t like the default arrangement.
  • It’s good for recording the last 5-15 minutes of every horse racing market in a day fully automatically with proper guardian setup.
  • It has 2 sheets (xlsm file), thanks to guardian when 2 markets are too close to each other, guardian can use the second sheet to record the data, so it can record from 2 markets simultaneously, resulting more collected data per day! However you can buy the 50 sheets version here too!
  • Both can record about 1 million rows per sheet, when it’s full you can open a new empty excel file and start recording again.
  • It can record Pre Market and/or In-play data as well.
  • It can record data when the market in negative time (when after the official start time but not in-running yet, the countdown will show 0 value)
  • Mainly designed for horse racing / greyhound markets.
  • Adjustable recording time frequency: from 1 sec to unlimited
  • Adjustable conditions for recording: total matched money, number of runners, countdown interval, market status (in-play, pre market or both)
  • Built-in converted Last Traded Tick data, it can be essential for backtesting. (Tick is an integer number 1-350, each number represents an odds value)
  • Potential free updates.
  • Bug support via email.
  • Sheets are macro protected (you can ask for unprotected version for additional costs).
  • One time payment, unlimited usage.

Get the latest version! (one time payment)

Data Recorder Bot (2 sheets):

29£ via Bitcoin

Max. 24 hours delivery via email, usually less than 1 hour! If question:

For example you can use your collected data and backtest your strategies.

Backtest system is not included with the bot!