Bet Angel G2 Trading Bot Pro

This bot is mainly designed for trade on horse racing markets on betfair (or betdaq). But it can work on any betfair market. The spreadsheet can list any data from the actual market and makes it simple for you to create auto trading algorithms (strategies) using the constantly listed data.

You need to have Bet Angel Professional subscription and Excel (min. 2010) to use this bot!

Why use excel? Because excel is highly user friendly and customizable. Most people already know their way around the software. Huge amount of information available online about improving excel skills. Excel is the easiest and fastest way to create complex strategies for betfair trading. You don’t need any VBA programming skills to use this bot!

How does it work? Click here for Tutorials!

Main Features of the Bot:

  • Pre Market and/or In-play auto trading all day long. Bet Angel uses “Guardian” to auto attach excel sheets to the markets all day long. When a market is finished it jumps to the next one. The spreadsheet automatically clears itself and ready for the next market!
  • Pro version has 2 sheets: it can work on 2 markets at the same time with proper guardian setup. The secondary sheet can be deleted optionally for faster operation.
  • Normal Data Listing System: 50 adjustable listing places; adjustable listing length; Listing frequency depends on your Bet Angel refresh rate setup and on your PC power and the number of sheets and on your strategy.
  • OHLC Listing System: 1-6 Runners; adjustable listing length; listing based on adjustable time period (seconds). Lists open, high, low, close prices as Tick or Odds and also the runner volumes.
  • Built-in Fully Automatic Analyser Sheet: Profit/Loss Heat Map Matrix. You can read more about it here:
  • Runner 1 Visual Ladder display.
  • 1-3 Runner Traded Volume Dispersion Ladder Display for every odds.
  • Race filter out system (adjustable filtering texts) to avoid harmful markets.
  • Estimated in-running time indicator: can be useful for in-play strategies.
  • Built-in book %, and Weight of Money % calculations for each horses.
  • Auto Result Listing System: only works if you green up your trades before the end!
  • Create your own trading algorithm / strategy! You can trigger all kind of commands for 1-30 Runners: Back bets, Lay bets with different bet setups; Cancel All Back and Cancel All Lay bets; Cancel All Both Back and Lay bets; Close Trade triggers! Also you can trigger global Green All commands and global Cancel All commands with algorithm signals (excel formulas). e.g. MACD, RSI, MFI, Candlesticks, Moving Averages, ADX, or other custom conditions or strategies, unlimited possibilities; How to make a strategy tutorial here!
  • Built-in Odds to Tick converters: can be essential for specific strategies (tick is an integer number 1-350, each number represents an odds value).
  • Fully adjustable bet properties for 1-30 Runners: offset; green offset; stop loss; place stop; fill kill delay; adjustable stake with built-in liability stake calculator; bet position setup system: put the bets above-below X tick of the actual prices.
  • 3 Phase Time based pre market Global Green All system for extra safe trade closing!
  • Can be used it on Horse/Greyhound Racing markets, but it also good for football, tennis or probably any other betfair markets too.
  • No VBA programming skill needed from you, the spreadsheet does all the work for you!
  • Working example strategy provided (not for profit) to help you understand how to create your own strategies. click here for more advanced example strategy version
  • You can also create advanced live excel charts to help you in your manual trade.
  • Auto adjusting Y-axis function added: It makes your graphs look much better automatically
  • Potential free updates.
  • Bug support via email.
  • Sheets are macro protected (you can ask for unprotected version for additional costs).
  • One time paymentunlimited usage!

Please note! The spreadsheet does NOT include any finished “out of the box” profitable strategy, only an example strategy/algorithm to help you understand how to create your own strategies!

Get the latest full version (one time payment)

59.9£ via paypal


44.9£ via Bitcoin

Max. 24 hours delivery via email, usually less than 1 hour! If question:

Profit/Loss Heat Map Matrix. (Just an illustration, not real data)

Fully Automatic built-in Analyser Profit/Loss Heat Map Matrix included. You can spot exactly where your strategy makes losses or wins! So you can avoid bad market types, many categories, odds ranges, day of the weeks, etc…

Built-in Visual Ladder display for runner 1. It can be used for making strategies; WOM%, BOOK%, Hcap or Not Hcap indicator, market status, estimated in-play time and other indicators.

You can analyse your trade algorithm success with the built-in auto result listing system with 12 adjustable data recording places. (e.g.: you can list Min/Max prices for a runner to fine tune your strategy).

Built-in traded volume for each odds ladder! Only for 1-3 runners! You can create strategies according to these cells values. For example put a bet to the highest resistance odds areas, unlimited strategy possibilities.

Easily adjustable Back and Lay bet properties and built-in auto liability stake calculator(optional) with adjustable min./max. values for 1-30 Runners.

New fully re-designed triggering system for 30 Runners. You can trigger Back, Lay, Cancel All Back/Lay, Cancel All and Close Trade for every 30 runners. Global triggers: Cancel All, Green All.

New Normal listing system: Adjustable 50 data places, you can list every data you need for your algorithm! Auto data listing can be faster than 1 sec. The New hybrid listing system is based on traded volume change and also based on countdown change. Listing frequency can be changed with Bet Angel’s refresh rate value. You can use our pre-made odds to tick value converter formula, which can be essential for specific strategies.

New OHLC listing system: Many strategies and most of the trading indicators are better suited for OHLC data. You can setup time period and list Odds or Tick values. The listing also gives you countdown time and volume data for 1-6 runners. You can easily use OHLC listing for candlestick pattern strategies too.

There is a “Your Strategy” area in the excel sheet where you can create your strategy ideas: “unlimited” spaces. Example MACD / RSI strategy provided with many example formulas to help you understand how to create a trade algorithms or rules.

Disclaimer: Use the bot responsibly! We are not responsible any of your actions. Use Bet Angel in practice mode (not with real money) until you know how to use it well!