Advanced Bot

The Advanced Bot is about the same as the G1 Regular Trading Bot, but it includes a more advanced example strategy in the “Your Strategy” area. This can give you a better understanding how to create a more complex strategy/algorithm system.


Main Features:

  • For each runners (1-3) it has individually adjustable “>=” and “<=” conditions for Countdown, Odds, RSI%, WoM%, Volume%, LTP-MA30, LTP-MA60, LTP Momentum, MACD, Signal(20).
  • It has many adjustable yellow cells, so you can create unlimited variations of trade algorithm.
  • It has an additional filter out system with “unlimited” places, so you can skip markets for any text in the market name. It’s good for fine tune your strategy and skip the harmful markets.
  • It has built-in complete MACD and RSI indicator system for 1-3 Runners which you can manipulate easily by changing the excel formulas.
  • Also includes for 1-3 runners: Volume % column, WoM% column, MA 30 and 60 columns, Momentum (30) column, EMA 10 and 30 columns.
  • This example strategy is only active on the 1-3 Runners.
  • You can adjust bet properties as usual.
  • You can add new Back / Lay trigger signal columns, the possibilities are unlimited!

The other features are about the same as in the G1 Regular Trading Bot version!

  • Potential free updates
  • Bug support via email
  • Sheets are macro protected (you can ask for unprotected version for additional costs)
  • One time payment, unlimited usage!

The spreadsheet dose NOT include any finished profitable strategy settings. It is an example strategy to help you understand how to create your own strategies!

Cymatic version:

39£ via paypal

29£  via Bitcoin, any Altcoin, Neteller

Betting Assistant version:

39£ via paypal

29£  via Bitcoin, any Altcoin, Neteller

Max. 24 hours delivery via email, please be patient! If question:

Disclaimer: Use the bot responsibly! We are not responsible any of your actions. Use it in practice/training mode (not with real money) until you know how to use it well!