Custom Bot Making

For the Bet Angel Bot Versions you can ask for additional sheets as a custom bot, if you want your bot to be attached to more than one market at the same time with Bet Angel’s guardian.

You can also ask for additional listing variable places if 31 is not enough for your strategy!

Note: We only make custom bots for Bet Angel at the moment! Custom bots are not macro protected! You will have access to the vba code!

We can also make your private strategy idea into a custom bot! If you have a specific well-defined strategy idea, write us an email to ! We will reply you with the answer and a price if it’s feasible. Custom bots are not cheap! We need several hours/days to program it and even more time for testing it! The price will depend on the complicity of your strategy idea, usually 90-350£. Your strategy will be treated 100% confidentially!